Saturday, September 7, 2013

Taking Sage Advice from Katy Perry and her Connection with her Spirit Animal in the “Roar” Music Video

We can all learn a little something from this musical shaman. In moments of strife (like surviving a plane crash with a useless pretty boy who gets eaten by a tiger), we can all channel our spirit animals and it will all be better (i.e. paint elephant’s toes and summon toucans whenever we like). Just follow KP’s lead.

Step 1: Encounter your spirit animal

In the face of tarantulas climbing on her shoulders, KP takes a beat to do some good old introspection. She looks in that lagoon like Simba in one of the most beautiful moments in cinematic history, and she sees her spirit animal. What a moment! Even the fireflies make the shape of a tiger for some unknown reason!

Step 2: Be great, but have no clue why

KP finds herself doing some courageous and resourceful things like making spears out of stilettos and showering with elephants. It is not clear why she has this newfound greatness, but it is there. Her spirit animal is in her but she doesn’t quite know it yet.

Step 3: Recognize your spirit animal and be even greater

KP discovers some hominid cave painting that lets her know everything she needs about her spirit animal: it is a badass. So she puts on something sexy and emerges in a palm frond skirt and leopard skin crop top! She does what she wants!

Step 4: Channel it!

When KP roars at the real life tiger, the message is clear to us mortals: channel the spirit animal! Be a champion and roar! Preach!

Thanks, KP. We all learned something today.

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